Selling Land With Wind Energy Production

You’ve leased your property to a wind energy company, who then installed grid-connected wind turbines from which you receive royalties from. Now you’re thinking about selling the property but need sound advice from an expert. Look no further than John McNair. John’s deep knowledge of the wind industry coupled with extensive real estate experience will help you through your transaction.

The law in the State of Texas does not allow landowners to sever wind rights from their surface rights. Landowners thinking about reserving wind rights in the sale of property are exposing themselves to potential future litigation.  The correct way to sell a property in an active wind lease with current wind production is to lump together the surface and all wind rights, conveying future wind payments/ royalties into the final sales price. Proper valuation of wind resources is essential to getting the seller the highest and best price for their property. The marketplace for properties of this nature is very limited and requires expertise to get your property exposed to the right buyers. For more information, visit our website

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